The Salty Sea Air -Shell Jewel Tray - choose your colour


Our New collection ‘The Salty Sea Air’ is all about the rejuvenation that the ocean brings.

Like an ode to the natural treasures found in ocean depths, these unique shell like textures are individual to every piece. The vessels and jewel trays take the form of collectable sunken treasures, luxuries from long forgotten worlds that have found their way back to shore. They are made up of a series of six pieces available in four different colours. Shell Pink, White Sand, Ocean Jade or Lapis Blue,

We all know there are shells, and then there are SHELLS! Shells that tempt you from the ocean floor, full of unknown mysteries and untold beauty. You know you need to leave them where they belong, but damn thats hard! Each shell we make is an ode to these incredible shells. Imbued with magic and mystery these are special pieces made for the ultimate (guilt free) collector.

Sculptural in form, the pieces from this collection can stand alone or be grouped together in similar or contrasting colours. They are all also waterproof to hold your favourite blooms or native grasses.

Like in nature no two shell surfaces are the same. Each piece is a hand made slip cast edition that will have textural, glaze and colour variations to make it truly your own. Colours may differ on different computer screens. (All items in styled photos sold separately.)

Choose from the drop down options to buy your favourite colour.
-Shell jewel holder $55
approx 3H x 11W x10Dia.
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Shell Pink, Lapis Blue, Ocean Jade or White Sand