Iggy & Lou Lou

Flower Bulb Vase - choose your fav colour

The largest piece in our collection made ready to house your dream scene. The bulbous form is perfectly weighted to retain its elegant balance while you fill it with your biggest branches.

Sculptural in form, this piece is hand crafted to stand alone or/and hold your favourite blooms or native grasses. (Shell Necklace sold separately)

Having developed a surface texture that is both robust and as kind as possible to nature, we use the highest quality locally sourced clay. An ode to the natural treasures found in ocean depths, these unique shell like textures are hand made & individual to every piece in our collection. Like collectable sunken treasures, and luxuries from long forgotten worlds that have found their way back to shore.

Approx 44H x 21W x21D

Like in nature no two shell surfaces or flowers are the same. Each piece is a hand made slip cast edition that will have textural, glaze, profile and colour variations to make it truly your own. The Hydrangea vase will have different purple and blue blush ranges throughout the piece. Colours may differ slightly on different computer screens. All pieces pictured are sold separately.

Some foods and oils can stain so prompt hand washing recommended and ensure piece is completely dry before re-use. Not to be used for consumable liquids