Iggy & Lou Lou

Lucky last special gift sets from $155

A few lucky last special gift sets at special prices. You are buying the exact sets pictured.

Buy as gifts or complete your own Iggy collections. with our signature black and white etched in rose design on the sides. Use the SELECT OPTION drop down menu to choose your favourites. Each bowl & tray is handmade with the edges hand embossed, etched and stamped. Bowls and trays Perfect for holding jewels & keepsakes also foodsafe & watertight for your favourite foods & blooms.

Sculptural in form, all pieces from this collection can stand alone or be grouped together in similar or contrasting colours.

Bowls approx 4.6cm H x 8.5cm D ea.
Trays approx 2 h x 8cm D ea.

These designs are only available online and strictly limited. Colours may differ slightly depending on your screen.