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Open amphora

Open amphora
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Only a few of these available for this Spring season or until sold out. Our open Amphora shape specifically made to display open flowing bouquets of flowers like Hellebores, Lilacs, Wisteria, Jasmine, Nasturtiums, Roses, or trailing vines, grasses & ferns.

Sculptural in form, this piece can stand alone or be grouped together in similar or contrasting colours and watertight to hold your favourite blooms or native grasses.

Having developed a surface texture that is both robust and as kind as possible to nature, we use the highest quality locally sourced clay. An ode to the natural treasures found in ocean depths, these unique shell like textures are hand made & individual to every piece in our collection. Like collectable sunken treasures, and luxuries from long forgotten worlds that have found their way back to shore.

Approx 22H x 24W x11D cm

Sendle courier or Australia post delivery.

Hand wash ensuring piece is dry before storage. Not to be used for consumable liquids.